Soundscape of the old continent


Every year Early Music Morella programs are articulated around specific themes designed to stimulate new attitudes that bring us closer to the music of the past. In 1426 a Flemish-Burgundy embassy arrived in Valencia to strengthen its alliance with the Crown of Aragon, an expedition of which Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck was probably part of. The close relationship between Flanders and the territories of the Crown of Aragon would soon be noticeable with the entry of Alfonso the Magnanimous in the Order of the Golden Fleece, a link that led to the influence of Flemish Gothic in a big part of Europe: painters like Lluís Dalmau, Alimbrot and the miniaturist Leonart Crespí testify it. His hegemony in the peninsular artistic sensibility prevailed until the beginning of the 16th century, when the Renaissance spring broke into Valencia through the work of Neapolitan Francesco Pagano and Paolo de San Leocadio in the Altar of the Cathedral, extending its presence with the Court of the Duke of Calabria and his famous Uppsala Songbook. The IX edition of the Festival and Academy addresses the mutual cultural influence between Flanders-Valencia-Naples, a geographical triptych that introduces us to the music of the great authors of the Renaissance: Dufay, De Rore, Cárceres, Josquin des Prés, Tinctoris, Lasso, Pisador, Palestrina or Victoria, among many other genres and authors that shaped the soundscape of the old continent. Europe thus becomes the recurring motif in this Early Music Morella edition, while delving in instrumental practice, measurement, theory and composition techniques in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the beginnings of musical writing and its notation techniques, oral and written music and their mutual influences as well as character music. instrumental or religious.


The combination of elements of historical music with those of oral tradition form the essence of Early Music Morella, music to understand, communicate, listen, interpret and enjoy from their knowledge and reasoning. In this VIII edition in addition to the concerts of the Festival and the Academy of instrumental or vocal improvement, you can enjoy a multitude of parallel activities (guided tours, exhibitions, conferences, Med_Ren Jamsessions, instrument building workshops and we will pay special attention to the actions social networks for the diffusion of early music for young people, the elderly and disadvantaged groups.

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